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Technology Research


  1. What is the name of the latest technology that is being under research?
  2. Drone Technology
  3. What is the latest development?
  4. The installation of cameras and smart technology into the drone itself.
  5. What are the new features?
  6. Smart Batteries that shut off when a specific limit is reached/ notify the user when the batteries get low mid-flight.
  7. What are the benefits of the technology?
  8. You can make movies with the drone. Allowing camera angles from areas previously unreachable by the normal movie film camera!
  9. What are the disadvantages?
  10. Limited battery life. The drones are small, so it doesn’t take a lot to move them from their intended course. They do not fly back to their “Home base” to recharge yet, so they cannot run indefinitley.
  11. What impact does the technology have on the society?
  12. This will make movies incredible, you can reach great new heights to film from that were never reachable before.
  13. Bibliography example
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